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Pilot #9: Grenfell Mayday

British news is stuck in a disaster rut. Grenfell is the latest in a line of horrific stories about mass tragedies. Somehow, all the violence seems to blur together. What emerges is a picture of an unhappy nation.

Pilot #7: Poll Dancing and Pork Knuckles

This week: the great TV leader debate that wasn’t (feat. Pork Knuckles of UKIP) and those dubious, dubious polls dominate. And we propose our first cross over product: Ray Winstone presents live election odds #VoteNaow

Pilot #6: Introducing Ceri Jenkins

This week on the pod we have a brand new co-host to introduce. PLUS ding dong the witch is dead — Katie Hopkins finally gets her comeuppance.

Pilot #5: Manifestos On My Mind

This is a longer edition of the pod because we wanted to take an in-depth look at the manifestos of the three major parties. In particular we focused on the following issues:

- Brexit
— Defence and foreign policy
— Tax and the economy

Pilot #4: The Zac Goldsmith Fan Club

I’ve written and said this a lot. The biggest problem with contemporary politics is that not enough people vote.

The horror elections of recent times come down to small, angry minorities voting in numbers while the rest of the population tries their hardest to ignore the whole process. There are bunch of reasons that so many people look at their electoral options and shrug. There’s been three decades of neoliberal consensus pushing mainstream left and right parties together — the things that the likely parties disagree on became less tangible. Why bother getting out to vote (let alone campaign) if there aren’t any real options?

Pilot #3: Outsiders Strike Back

Finally, Europe got some good news as sanity’s Emmanuel Macron beat the Front National candidate Marine Le Pen for the French Presidency. That gave us an unusual chance to say some halfway positive things about contemporary politics before we caught up with other news and duly relapsed into negativity. We can’t have listeners getting too excited about politics.